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Directed by  Spence Nicholson

Read an exclusive interview with Chris below the music video.



Tell me about the filming of the video. How long did it take to film?
Filming the video was insane! No one, including anyone on the crew, had ever attempted to do anything like this, so it was all a big, wild experiment! We filmed it all in one day on a sound stage in the valley with basically a black screen, the camera, and the Microsoft Kinect sensor. My costar Olga and I only had a few feet of room to move around where we re-enacted all the highs and lows of a relationship. It’s definitely weird to “fight” with someone you’ve never met while you hear yourself singing in the background!

The technology looks groundbreaking…like a high tech video game. Who came up with the concept behind it?
I know! When I finally saw it for the first time, I didn’t even know what I was looking at! The tech is called the “RGBD Toolkit” written by three evil geniuses: James George, Jonathan Minard and Alexander Porter. It basically allows you to combine 3D depth information with traditional video. When we shot it, the camera actually never moved once. All of those trippy angles and transitions were all done after the fact with the program.

Who came up with the treatment of the story line?
The director Spence Nicholson got his hands on my song about the same time he was made aware of this new video tech, and he immediately saw how the meaning and lyrics of the song could be conveyed with this new shooting style. We then spoke at length quite a few times so he could get to know me as well as build out the story together in a natural way. I think that is my favorite part of the video; we were able to do something totally new because it happened to be a perfect fit for the song, not just for the sake of it looking cool.

Any blooper moments?
Haha. I guarantee that there are plenty, but I never got to see any…Now I want to know, let me make some calls!

Talk to me about the song itself. Lyrically, it’s really emotional. Tell me about the inspiration behind it.
You noticed, huh? :) It’s a very personal song, and it was one of those things where the words just kind of come out of thin air because you’re so consumed by the thoughts swirling around your head at the moment. And those thoughts for this song led to the idea that if we went back and did everything all over again, we would both be right back in the same place we were. But then again, you never know…