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This Loud Morning by David Cook

[singlepic id=684 w=320 h=240 float=center] THIS LOUD MORNING by David Cook (19/RCA)   If you became a Cook fan solely off of his RCA debut, David Cook, you may be disappointed. The album is a far departure and much closer to his pre-American Idol album, Analog Heart. From the opening track, Circadian, it is apparent that Cook has grown, not only as ... Read More »

Featured Band: The Front Bottoms

“Can you please take me off speaker phone this is a private conversation” is just one of the convivial lyrics of The Front Bottoms, a two piece indie group out of New Jersey. Brian Sella, guitarist and lead vocalist currently works in a grocery store where he draws most of his lyrical inspirations. Like-wise drummer, Matt Uychich who works in ... Read More »