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Interview with NICK HEXUM of 311

Nick Hexum of 311

NICK HEXUM, Singer/Guitarist for 311, spoke with BROKEN RECORDS MAGAZINE through email just days before hitting the stage in the NY NJ PA areas 311 as a band have been around for 23 action-packed years. What is it about the band that not only makes the music so relevant today, but allows the band to be able to draw such large ... Read More »

Kill Your Name Q & A with Vocalist Sean Nelson‏

Kill Your Name Written by: Gerard Ucelli Broken Records Magazine’s Gerard Ucelli chats with Kill Your Name’s lead singer Sean Nelson. BRM: Logan Mader formerly of Machine Head is now producing and managing you guys. How did you link up? SN: It was a couple of years ago when he managed my band Aizen. He produced all of that stuff ... Read More »

Exclusive Interview with Kristen Henderson from Antigone Rising

Broken Records Magazine’s Markos Papadatos spoke with Kristen Henderson, the bassist and co-founder of the all-female band Antigone Rising. According to Kristen Henderson, she remarked, “The name Antigone Rising came about while I was in college.  I was taking an English tragedy course and we read Antigone in the class, so the lead singer at the time and I thought ... Read More »

Volbeat Decimates Jersey

It can be odd how some venues just suit some bands. Their vibe just sits right with the character of a place. The energy of their compatibility comes forward to mix with the chemistry of the music and the crowd. And in an instant, as the intro plays, and the band takes the stage blowing the roof off, an explosive ... Read More »

Album Reviews: The Wonder Years’ Suburbia: I’ve Given You All and Now I’m Nothing and Of Mice & Men’s: The Flood

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s, The Wonder Years have made an in-erasable mark in the pop punk music scene within the past year. Suburbia: I’ve Given You All and Now I’m Nothing is their third release. The Wonder Years have definitely raised the bar to new standards. Even though the album overall is a little industrial compared to their previous releases, it’s well ... Read More »

My Chemical Romance Rocks Out to New Tunes

My Chemical Romance, originally from New Jersey, returned to the East Coast as they brought their World Contamination Tour to New York City on April 22nd and 23rd performing along with The Architects and Neon Trees at Terminal 5. The three-floor venue was packed out before the opening act had even taken the stage with fans ranging from young to old. ... Read More »

Grammys 2011

11:22pm Chris Christopherson and Barbra Streisand presented Album Of The Year to newcomers Arcade Fire for “The Suburbs”. This may end up being a controversial award among critics in the morning, as Lady Antebellum was expected and positioned for this award. And on that bombshell…see you later folks. Stay tuned to brokenrecordsonline.com and Broken Records Magazine for great music, photography, ... Read More »