“The Role You Were Born To Play” GLEE Season 4 Episode 5

And Gleeks, we are back in action over here on the GLEE front!  Last night was the first new episode in the last 5 weeks.  “The Role You Were Born To Play”, jumped us right in to the world of the Broadway music “Grease” with auditions for McKinley’s High’s new musical.  The show explored some deep themes as well as threw us some amazing one liners.  It explored the cast at McKinley finding themselves throughout the auditions and focused on them and them alone, leaving New York behind for an episode.  Blaine is still remorseful for what he uncharacteristically did to Kurt (I’m still not over it), and isn’t afraid to show it.   His rendition of “Hopelessly Devoted to You” was staged like a mix of the actual “Grease” with a little bit of “Across the Universe” thrown in and I kinda loved it.

Arty asks Finn to help him direct “Grease” and then calls in Mercedes and Mike Chang to be the vocal coach and choreographer, bringing some old faces back.  I’ve decided that our buddy Finn really needs to grow some backbone.  He’s stuck in this rut that he can’t get out of.  I get it, you failed at the army, you lost your girl and you want to give up, but just stop feeling sorry for yourself already.  Oh and since when did Arty become so funny?  He’s always been fairy witty, but I’m loving the slightly new direction his character is going, with all of his dead pan jokes that make everyone but himself uncomfortable!  That’s my kind of funny!

Wade “Unique” Adams was on it last night as he teamed up with Marley to deliver a little P!nk action with her song “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” as he and Marley auditioned for the roles of Rizzo and Sandy.  You gotta root for the underdog and Unique seems to have that in spades!  You go girl!

“The Glee Project’s” winner Blake Jenner made his first appearance as Ryder, a football dude who likes to sing classic rock (remind you of anyone?) and he was awesome!  I’m glad he won and I can’t wait to see where his character ends up going.  Yes, the similarities between his character and Finn are very noticeable, but I have a feeling that he’s got something up his sleeve and I can’t wait to see what it is.  That “Juke Box Hero” duet between Ryder and Finn was awesome!  I loved the total 80’s feel and who doesn’t also love looking at some classic Juke Boxes?

Jake and Marley are not together and who knows if they will be, she seems to have a thing for Ryder and Kitty won’t get her claws out of Jake, so that one is up in the air.  Though now that I think about it, I think a Ryder/Marley pairing would be adorable, but a part of me still wants to see Jake and Marley happen.  There hot headed competition leads them into a battle for Danny and Sandy after Kitty and Jake audition for “Grease” out of spite and jealousy with Neon Trees’ “Everybody Talks”.  It brings them all together on stage in a “Born To Hand Jive” dance and sing off, so Finn and Arty can make their final decision.

And things got weird for Emma and Mr. Schue when she decided not to go to Washington with him, but they worked it out!  All I can say is, thank God they didn’t break up too, right?  Oh and Schue asked Finn to take over Glee club while he’s gone for 4 months, after seeing him stand up to Sue when she didn’t want Unique to play a female on stage.  Which was a whole other mess, but lucky for us Finn stuck to his guns and we will get to see what happens when Wade takes the stage as Rizzo.  Oh and Ryder landed Danny to Marley’s Sandy, so we shall see if love blossoms under the heat of the stage lights.

In a slightly non climactic cliff hanger we still don’t know if Finn decides to take over Glee club, but I sure hope he does and that he gets out of this funk before he drives me crazy.

I’ll see you back here on Wednesday as I give you the low down on next week’s musical numbers!

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