Judge the Fallen Review

Judge The Fallen, a Jersey rock band from Union, sounds like a mix of their influences. The best comparison I can come up with is Alice In Chains. The vocals have more of a rough feel to them than Alice In Chains. That’s where they can separate themselves and have their own unique sound.

The band members consist of vocalist Mike Morgan; guitarist Joe Vidal; bassist Dan Grossberg and drummer Ed Siana.

The best way to describe what this band is all about comes from their own mouths, “It is through pain that we feel strength; it is through sorrow that we see hope. Judge The Fallen brings this message through every power laden riff and the extraordinary charge that comes through the harmonic vocals. Each of us is not alone, and together we can lift the spirits of the masses and overcome all adversity, bringing back the hard rock sound that has been missing on the music scene today.

Uniting a soulful guitar and bass that bleeds through the emotion of each word with the rejuvenating crash that is felt through the fierce drum sound, the music reverberations through your ear drums and pierces your soul.”

They are currently working on new songs, but have three right now online. They can be heard on reverbnation.com/judgethefallen. Also, to follow the band, check out their Facebook page at Facebook.com/judgethefallennj.

By, Mike Camp

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