Album Review: FILTER The Sun Comes Out Tonight

Album Review: FILTER The Sun Comes Out Tonight

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Filter experimented with electronic rock on their new album, The Sun Comes Out Tonightand it sounds fresh with that patented “Filter” industrial sound. Don’t expect a massively different sound but expect a tweaked sound. The Sun Comes Out Tonight sounds like how Linkin Park’s 3rd album should’ve been. This is easily one of their better albums. They sound as loud as they ever have and Patrick’s voice sounds awesome whether it is singing on a slower rock tune or screaming during a loud rocker like “We Hate It When You Get What You Want.” The first time through I noticed 7 stand out tracks which could be legit singles like “We Hate It When You Get What You Want,” “What Do You Say,” “Surprise,” “Self Inflicted,” “First You Break It,” “It’s My Time,” and “It’s Just You.” You can hear the chorus in “What Do You Say” is taylor-made to be sung by the audience live. “Surprise” the “Take A Picture”-esque like song is actually the one that grabbed me for the album. “Self Inflicted” has a “Hey Man, Nice Shot” Feel to it. “First You Break It” isn’t a groundbreaking song but it is another great acoustic type industrial rock song.  On “It’s My Time,” it’s weird hearing Patrick sing on a track featuring only a piano…but it works. This new album is a solid 9/10. Well worth your $10.

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Review by Joe Kielbasa

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