Phillip Phillips to Release Debut Album

The reigning American Idol champion, Phillip Phillips has finally set a release date for his debut album titled The World From The Side Of The Moon. The album is set to drop on November 19th through 19 Entertainment/Interscope Records. The album is up for preorder now, and an option for a deluxe album preorder is also available. Phillips’ hit single, “Home” is included on the album.

The single was released the day Phillips became American Idol Season 11 winner. The single had over 278,000 downloads in its first week of sales, which was the biggest opening sales week for any American Idol winner. Currently the single has gone double platinum and was also used as the soundtrack for the 2012 US Olympic Women’s Gymnastics team in London.

Before Phillips even thought about trying out for American Idol, he began to make music when he was just 14. He continuously practiced singing and playing the guitar throughout his school years. Phillips eventually graduated high school and attended Albany Technical College in Georgia. In the summer of 2011, Phillips decided to take a break from working at his family’s pawnshop to try out for American Idol. Little did he know he would turn out to be the winner.

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