Day Above Ground Q & A

How did you all meet and what were your first impressions of each other?

Well I met Mike (guitar player) a while back. He was getting tattoos done by my boy Jay at the same tattoo shop that I worked at. We began talking music and soon began jamming together. I thought he was a cool dude and loved his style of music. It was a wrap from there. Soon after I met Marcello (bass) who was chillin’ at the studio that we ended up recording our album at. He was there working on his own music when we started talking. I told him I was looking for a dope bass player and he was down to jam. Marcello was a cool ass little dude too. From that point he was down for the project! Then the three of us had Joe (vocals) come in. It could not have come at a better time since the old vocalist had been fired! Joe came in as this mysterious character that could sing his ass off! I’m serious the guy has some pipes on him! He was the voice we needed to set off the “Day Above Ground” sound. Then came Steve (drums) who just happened to be my cousin. This guy is a total machine who only complimented our sound and is just a kick ass drummer. All this was a good two years in the making. Trying to find the right peeps was a time consuming task, but we now are a super tight unite who think of each other as brothers

You guys released a video for your song “Endless.” Tell us the concept behind the video?

“Endless” is song about the trials and tribulations of a relationship. The concept is pretty much about being down and out then picking your head up and saying” fuck this shit”! Not letting the women get the best of you. Basically the journey of the break-up to getting over that shit!

In one year, you have produced a lot of music. You had the DAG EP and High View. How have you developed in songwriting after such a short time?

The songwriting has been evolving in a great way. It’s funny, but we seem to be getting harder. Most bands kind of soften up and get all pop and shit. We are keeping the catchy elements there, but the balls are growing. The songs are getting grittier and showcasing more of what we all can do musically. We are still keeping the melodic aspects, but really are staying away from the cheesy sounds that most bands tend to lean towards.

What was the easiest and hardest song as a band to write?

The easiest song to write was probably “Hollywood”. It was one of those songs that wrote itself. The hardest song might have been “Digi.” That song has so many parts and dynamics to it, it’s crazy!

You said that the 90s was the best time for music. What do you think today’s music lacks that the 90s had?

What music lacks today is originality and balls! I mean listen to the radio. Most of the shit you hear is cheesy and most of the vocalists can’t even sing. This goes for rap too! The rappers these days are talking about the same bullshit! How many songs can you make about popping bottles and bitches? ahaha! But really, where is the original material? Not all new groups are bad, but most are. It saddens me that the public has grown to love such crap!

Tell us about your tattoo shop and your illustration background.

The name of my tattoo shop is Black Talon Tattoo. It is located in Arcadia Ca..I opened it with my business partner and best friend Jay Miyagi. We have had the shop for about two years now. It’s a dope shop! We pretty much do all custom designs. I have been doing tattoos for about six years now. It’s a great job that goes well with me being a musician. I do have an art degree from Cal State Fullerton. I originally was going to school to do concept art for video games. I sort of fell into tattin’ while finishing my degree. I fell in love with the tattoo industry and never looked back. My illustration background helps me everyday when it comes to tattoos! I draw and design everyday, so there you go. Oh yes, we all can draw at my shop. It has been funny to learn that a lot of tattoo artist can’t draw!

If you were to get a tattoo of some of your favorite lyrics who would they be?

It would be lyrics from Maynard of Tool. The lyrics would be” prying open my third eye” from the song “Third Eye!

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