Featured Band: The Front Bottoms

“Can you please take me off speaker phone this is a private conversation” is just one of the convivial lyrics of The Front Bottoms, a two piece indie group out of New Jersey. Brian Sella, guitarist and lead vocalist currently works in a grocery store where he draws most of his lyrical inspirations. Like-wise drummer, Matt Uychich who works in landscaping gives Brian free-reign on the message of their songs whether it be washing hair with soap or knowing that good things never last. Although Matt seems timid in person, he consistently kills it on the drums during shows. This most recently happened at, The Pianos in New York.

Defying the laws of physics, The Front Bottoms is the first band either of them has been in proving that the combination was truly a match made in indie-music heaven. They played their first show three years ago at a venue in Jersey where their only audience was the sound-check guy. Coming a long way since, Brian and Matt have toured New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania- playing to full houses of fans singing along to their songs. The duo has defined their success by reaching the goals that they have set for themselves. One of which, was completed by recently signing to Bar/None Records, a Jersey-based label. They are set to release a self entitled EP this Summer with Bar/None that will include all six tracks from Slow Dance to Soft Rock along with an additional six songs. They also have alternate versions of their songs that incorporate a third piece, either banjo, bass or piano. “So if you don’t like one version of our song maybe you’ll like another,” says Brian.

In short if you’ve ever found yourself rocking out to the soundtrack of Juno or 500 Days of Summer, you’ll enjoy The Front Bottoms and their casual ability to leave songs stuck in your head.

By Amanda Domenech

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