FAQ/About Us

Where can I get a copy of the magazine?

As the industry changes and stores are charging more to carry magazines, our store distribution has lowered. While you can find our magazine in many of your favorite stores, it is much easier (and cheaper) to order the print editions through our webstore. We guarantee you that we sell the magazine cheaper than any store. Additionally, you can also order a digital version of the magazine. No need to ship across the world!

Is it true that there is more content in the digital version?

Yes and no. While our first 2 issues has extended digitals, we decided not to add additionally pages for the digitals. But now in our Volume 2/ Issue 5 (September 2010) issue, we decided to bring that back once again and see how it goes. Our standard digital will be free but our extended digital will be of a nominal cost.

I’m in a band/singer/songwriter/____, How can I get in the magazine?

First off, submit your music through our SONICBIDS link. If we like what we hear, we will be in touch!

I am a writer/photographer. How can I get a job working for your magazine?

Feel free to send your resume, samples of your writing/photo. We are currently only hiring unpaid internships. While you aren’t making money, we do give you free tickets to concerts, opportunities to meet/interview your favorite artists and a chance to be hired full time.

I love the photo you took of (insert name). How can I get a High Resolution copy of the picture to use in my newspaper, magazine, website, next tattoo?

If you have seen the photos in our magazine or photo pages and want to buy one, email us. Prices of the photos vary.

I saw on a website/myspace/facebook/blog, etc. that you worked with (insert artist) but I don’t see the photos on the site. How can I view/buy them?

We actively try to update our page with the latest photos, but we do try to save some for our magazine exclusively. If you see an artist whose photos aren’t on display, email us.

If you have a question that wasn’t answered here, again, email us!


Who Are We?
Broken Records started as a recording studio on Staten Island,NY on 6/6/06 by Scott Vollweiler. All the local studios were way too overpriced and didn’t cater to the unsigned and underground bands. Scott opened the studio because of the lack of quality in local studios. “I hated paying these studios my hard earned money, and I got some of the worst recordings of my career. I’ve been saying for a long time: I can get better quality out of my room studio.” So that’s what he did. He created a studio that sounds professional but at a price anyone could afford.Later on, Scott brought in Brian, his long time friend and former band mate from their successful band, DaRk DaZe, but he would eventually move on.
Fast forward, using their connections from playing shows with Staind, Sevendust, Saliva, Three Days Grace, Life of Agony, Lacuna Coil, Ill Nino, Smile Empty Soul, Vanilla Ice and many other high profile artists, and befriending others on the way, Scott and Brian decided to manage a magazine for everyone of all ages to read that covered their favorite bands while giving local and unsigned acts the chance to be in a magazine with today’s biggest bands. Broken Records Magazine is here to help the local scene, it’s all about you and the love of music. We are offering the chance of a life time to local bands.

In addition to the studio and the magazine, Broken Records Photography quickly grew out of the magazine. They quickly were building a resume of artists that they shot for and publications around the world quickly took notice. We place our photos, period. We also shoot events like Fashion shows, Red Carpets and your Sweet 16’s, Weddings, etc.

Here are a short list of clients we have worked with:

*Black Eyed Peas*
*Taylor Swift*
*3 Doors Down*
*Flo Rida*
*Fall Out Boy*
*The All American Rejects*
*Les Paul*
*The Pussy Cat Dolls*
*Katy Perry*
*Jesse McCartney*
*Metro Station*
*Lady GaGa*
*Taking Back Sunday*
*Rascal Flatts*

  • Chris Bowen

    You mention a Sonicbids link, but with no link to be found? Where do I go to submit music?