At 10:00am on August 14th, 2014, I entered the lobby of the Archer Hotel in New York City. I was a little early for my interview with actress, singer, songwriter, Cassie Steele so I scanned the room for the best place to set up. I noticed an alcove of circular sofas with a wall of books behind them. I noticed ... Read More »



Interview by: Laura DeSantis-Olsson Forward by: Laura DeSantis-Olsson Band definition and description by: Alef Knales   (Photo by: Royelle White) PRALAYA: In stage of dissolution. A moment in time when all stops and erases all that was, while creating what is to be. This group of musical alchemists unlock the fibers of sonic matter and forge an Art-Rock style of ... Read More »

3 Years Hollow Is Breaking Ground With The Cracks

3 Years Hollow at Uproar Festival 2014. Image; Vladislav Grach.

The band 3 Years Hollow is just breaking into the mainstream rock scene.  They have a lot to say, and they refuse to be ignored. They are hitting the scene hard with their debut LP, The Cracks, released through the well-known label, Imagen Records.  The album features their singles, “Chemical Ride,” “Hungry”, and “For Life” (feat. Clint Lowery). The band ... Read More »



Interview by: Laura DeSantis-Olsson Speaking with: Charlie Cosser 1. How is the music scene currently different in England vs. the United States? “I think, it’s weird, I think music around the world is getting on the same page in a lot of ways. So, you wouldn’t be that surprised about what you would hear on main stream pop radio, it’s ... Read More »

Getting to Know The CO

Credit - Sean Hagwell

A year or so ago, I chatted with The CO for A Teen View and have since kept an eye on what the band has been up to. Recently, they have had a few songs placed in trailers and tv shows and are ramping up for new music to be released. Before I headed across the pond to London, I ... Read More »

Reaping the Seeds of Rock – An Interview With Nate Hunt On The Release Of Shaman’s Harvest’s Album, Smokin’ Hearts & Broken Guns

Shaman's Harvest

On the heels of Shaman’s Harvest’s fifth album release, Smokin’ Hearts & Broken Guns, Broken Records had the pleasure to speak to the band’s lead vocalist, Nathan (“Nate”) Hunt.  Nate spoke of the band’s September 16, 2014 album release and its recording process, his musical influences, their tour, and other musical topics. According to Nate, Shaman’s Harvest originates from Missouri ... Read More »

Finding the Storyline with Hunter Hayes

Photo Credit - Brandon Campbell

“And right or wrong, we’ll write our own storyline.” As the chorus of Storyline so easily explains, we each have a story and the choices we make help shape each page. Some will become eraser marks while others will be highlighted and underlined. A storyteller in true form, Hunter Hayes and I spoke about how the summer tour has evolved ... Read More »