Marlon Webster – Pop Artist From Guyana, Now In The US!

Marlon Webster

Marlon Webster is from Guyana, South America and known for his Soca Music. Marlon is now in the USA releasing “Train Wreck” his first pop single. Slowly crooning from the speakers, “Train Wreck” eases into itself with sweet, albeit high octane vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and rapturous passion that’s infectious as it is catchy. If you’re looking for an addictive track ... Read More »

Finding the Storyline with Hunter Hayes

Photo Credit - Brandon Campbell

“And right or wrong, we’ll write our own storyline.” As the chorus of Storyline so easily explains, we each have a story and the choices we make help shape each page. Some will become eraser marks while others will be highlighted and underlined. A storyteller in true form, Hunter Hayes and I spoke about how the summer tour has evolved ... Read More »

Reflecting with Robby Takac of the Goo Goo Dolls


What gives bands longevity? Is it the success or failure of a second album or the connection they build with their fans? Was it a lack of social media and heir of mystery? I don’t think there will ever be a clear answer – especially as the industry continues to change – but what is clear is that some bands ... Read More »

Artists You Should Know – Jesse Ruben

Jesse Ruben

If I’ve learned anything over the past few years, it’s that people don’t or at least shouldn’t be playing music to be famous. As Jesse Ruben phrased it during our conversation in Union Square Park, surrounded by the sights and sounds of New York, “No one does this as a job except because they have to. Anything else would be ... Read More »



“A modern rock band displaying monster riffs and powerful lyrical hooks. Featuring guitarist and vocalist Justin, guitarist Luke, bassist Johnathan and Alex on drums, Adage is engaging the music scene with full force. Recently signed with Pavement Entertainment and currently playing shows across the southeast, Adage is setting their sights to hit stages across the U.S.! Look for the EP ... Read More »



Interview By: Laura DeSantis-Olsson His interview was short and sweet, but once hearing Ray Goren’s music, it is apparent this young singer, song-writer need no words to describe his music. His sophisticated sound is beyond his years and speaks for itself on may levels. (At the time the video was made Ray was 11 years old) 1. How old are ... Read More »

Sarah Darling: A Rising Star On The Opry Stage

sarah darling 2

For ongoing generations, stepping stones are essential factors to develop a long lasting career. To reflect this method on 31 year old country singer, Sarah Darling, Rising Star (the reality television singing competition) was the ultimate platform to take advantage of the limelight at hand. “The greatest thing that I’ve learned since I’m already so active on social media is ... Read More »

YOUNG RISING SONS: Dreaming HIGH On Cloud Nine

Photo credit: Jesse DeFlorio

Recently signing to Interscope Records, Young Rising Sons are taking the music scene by storm. Their songs contain a positive vibe that put you in the mood to dance. As their song from their recently released EP ‘High’ gets picked up more on the radio, they are experiencing what it’s like to live their dreams. We interviewed lead singer/guitarist Andy ... Read More »